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How can we tackle the stigma around mental health?
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We could say the same thing about Satan, in reverse: Reports of his life have been greatly Everyone experiences some kind of stress, and it's impossible to get rid of all stress. For some, stress can even be motivational. The word stress does not occur in the Bible, The Meaning of Discipleship The essence of discipleship is relationship. John ; 6. In Jesus' day, all kinds of people had disciples. Two of the Greek words that Evangelical Christianity has long been a faith for activists. Joni Eareckson Tada dispensed with the superficial healing narrative decades ago.

Paralyzed in a diving accident, Tada was forced to trust a God who doesn't always heal, All Christians are involved in a supernatural struggle against the forces of evil and are called to stand in God's power.

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Ephesians Page: 1 2 3. Sort by: Newest Oldest Relevance. Explore both approaches in this 6-session resource. IntroductionGetting the Most Out of Study Seven Letters to Seven Churches Explore Jesus' letters to the churches in Revelation and how his words apply to the church today.

Single in the Church Fully engaging in the church as a single person. Overview When we suffer and there is no way out, we don't want glib advice. Sermon on the Mount Dig deep into this startling and challenging sermon.

The church isn’t even biblical, is it?

Church Health Assessment Pack (Christianity Today Essentials) - Kindle edition by John Savage, Paul Stanley, J. Robert Clinton, Jim Abrahamson, Donald. Church Health Assessment Pack (Christianity Today Essentials) eBook: John Savage, Paul Stanley, J. Robert Clinton, Jim Abrahamson, Donald Gerig, Gary.

Overview In twelve inductive Bible studies, you'll dig deep into the startling and challenging message of the greatest sermon ever preached—the Sermon on the Mount. Spiritual Gifts Recognize your gifts and the gifts of others. Overview In this eight-session study, you will begin to look for and recognize your spiritual gifts and the gifts of others. All this may hardly sound revolutionary, but outside the church, it challenges the prevailing notion that our bodies belong to us alone—either as machines to be hacked and fueled, or as "plastic" to be reshaped, starved, pierced, and used for pleasure or vanity.

And inside the church, it challenges the dualistic worldview that God cares only about "spiritual" matters.

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For far too long the church has taught that this falling away referred to those outside the church,yet it is painfully obvious that this is also an internal problem as well. The folder has space for a stamp or label with your church contact information and slits to hold a business card. But for years, some say for centuries, we haven't known any good news about our bodies, other than the fact that we'll get new ones in heaven. For this trip, tons of people show up. Driscoll has also been featured on the program discussing other topics including the Ten Commandments and sex.

Many in the faith and wellness movement cite the apostle Paul: "Whether you eat or drink, do all to the glory of God. An anonymous WholyFit participant writes, "Before I gave my life to Christ, exercising was only for me. This program allows me to redeem fitness and health for God's glory.

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Historically speaking, the church has not overlooked the body entirely, of course. It's just tended to care more for the bodies of others than for our own. Jesus provided the model for his followers to care for the physical needs of others.

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Throughout the centuries the church has founded hospitals, cared for plague victims, and attended the dying. We understand all this as our spiritual service to God, the enacting of "loving our neighbor as ourselves. Pastors also consistently choose the welfare of their flock over their own wellness. It's not easy to change this mindset.

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One pastor told me that if his parishioners see him playing tennis, they ask him, "Why aren't you out visiting and sharing the gospel? At the heart of these beliefs and practices—stewarding our God-made bodies and glorifying him in everything—is a growing understanding of the unity and integrity of the human self. It's an essential stake in the wellness revival tent: that body, mind, and spirit are inextricable, and that true health and true spirituality will address all three. These efforts may help lead the church toward re-membering a dis-membered faith that separates our beliefs from what we do with our bodies.

But some of these efforts are clumsy at best and contradictory at worst. And here the workout music stops. The health movement is indeed contributing a lot to our understanding and practice of wellness. But the tent is often so lumpy and sprawling, with loose theological stakes, that its very integrity is at risk. First, what makes diet and exercise "Christian"? One author assures me in an interview that his weight-loss book is "completely biblical," because it includes a Bible verse on every page.

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For many of the exercise programs, the key is beginning and ending in prayer and moving to ccm rather than secular music. Prayfit, a book, dvd, and "online community" calling itself "the fastest growing faith-and-fitness brand on the market," promises to provide "all the tools needed for increased faith and fitness. How is this accomplished? Literally—participants memorize Scripture while working out. Prayer Walking organizes group praying-while-walking sessions. None of this is harmful or wrong, but do we really need prayer, Scripture memorization, and Christian music to sanctify exercise?

Such programs raise the question of whether the church health movement is just baptizing broader health-and-fitness culture in Jesus-y marketing language. Sadly, the loose stakes and flapping corners have let in more than the usual share of hucksters and cure-alls. One diet book claims that "every part of you will know and experience the optimal health we were all meant to have.

Another promises to "eliminate sickness" through eating "God's way," which means a return to the Old Testament dietary laws. Jordan S. His Garden of Life products have repeatedly been censored or shut down by the Food and Drug Administration for unsubstantiated claims. All of these seem to suggest that God's plan is full health for all and that a return to "biblical living" will end all ills.

Margaret Mohrmann, a medical doctor and professor of pediatrics and education at the University of Virginia, is also concerned. There are indeed sicknesses we bring upon ourselves by our own choices. We must take our self-inflicted sickness seriously.

But others come to us unbidden, as the consequence of genetics, aging, viruses—all realities of a decaying world groaning under bondage. When we overemphasize the "good" of good health, we may stumble into the mindset of the Jews in Jesus' day who equated disability and disease with sin. Such a perspective can reel out a new measuring tape for godliness and spirituality: the strictness of your diet, the size of your jeans, the rigor of your workout, the amount of energy you possess.

Even when we aspire to better health to better serve God and others—a noble goal, to be sure—it's crucial to remember that God does not require us to be healthy to accomplish his mission on earth. Bruce, I could not have said it any better than what you conveyed. I fully agree with you and yes, it is racially devided. They are not, because it is they which will not be in fellowship with a genuine Christian.

The problem is where can I find a genuine Christian to fellowship with? The ritualistic visitations to man made buildings is not church.

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The church is a body that lives together daily in fellowship. So Sunday meetings only, or gathering at only certain times of the week at certain allocated hours is them actually saying that they are DONE with the true church of God.

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This is more the case even because their gatherings are not designed for fellowship or to seek God, but are for controlling the people and for making money. Amen, brother, AMEN! Make no mistake about that. Do you think going to church will get you into Heaven? Do you think good deeds will get you into Heaven? Dear brother Fessdo, I hope you are out there and reading this. Jesus completed the work of your salvation. Show Him gratitude and reverence, every minute of every day. Our existence is all about Jesus. He is the Source, the Reason, The meaning of life. JOHN My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

See Isaiah and Numbers regarding the reason for the atonement, and Luke Jesus did not die for willful sin done in the knowledge of the truth. See also Hebrews I am called to wake up the true church of God to this lie and to see that the opposite is true, which is that Jesus Christ died to prove us innocent to God by his blood. The idea of Jesus Christ dying as our substitute is completely foreign to the Bible and actually denies the main point of the gospel, because that idea establishes our guilt before God.