ESFJ: Portrait of a Provider (Portraits of the 16 Personality Types)

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What I am suggesting is that being creative is not the same thing as making art. She goes on to say:. There is no such thing as creative people and non-creative people. I would add to this that creativity requires that we put our time and energy into generating something that did not exist before. Astonishingly, this thing does not have to be a physical thing; it can be an event, a service, a system or an approach.

Further, looked at more broadly, creative acts can even reinforce convention, as long as the result is a new iteration that repeats the existence of something that came before. More on that in a moment. The Four Temperaments developed by Keirsey provide a useful framework for discussing four ways of creating. In the categories of Artisans, Guardians, Idealists and Rationals, we see how every one of us has an innate tendency to create in our own way.

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However, the fact is every temperament and every type is uniquely creative in his or her own way. Certainly, the S gives them the ability to pay attention to detail, and P keeps them in the present moment, so when it comes to making things and letting people know how great these things are, Artisans are the obvious choice.

Jung Personality Types: The Model of Typology

They are playful, fun-loving, daring, and spontaneous. They take risks and adapt to new circumstances as they come up. Since they seek out stimulation, excitement, and variety, Artisans are true adventurers. Creativity for Artisans includes not only art and craft forms, but also out-of-the-ordinary experiences, such as river rafting, skiing and kayaking.

They may lead outdoor trips, instruct adventure sports, train as tandem skydivers, or otherwise serve as guides to others into unknown territory which may otherwise prove too scary for other types. Their bold nature and ability to troubleshoot makes them the perfect leaders in these arenas—as well as entrepreneurship and other risky endeavors.

They make excellent wilderness therapists, search and rescue team members, or EMTs.


They work well with their hands and therefore excel at sculpture, welding, pottery, and other work with tools. Of course, they create paintings, performances, and other art forms as well. They make interactive, participatory, innovative art, such as installations or comedy shows. Guardians are responsible, loyal traditionalists who trust authority. They put their faith in existing systems, such as the government, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system, and they express their duty to these systems.

They are steady, law-abiding citizens who follow the rules. Guardians tend to be down-to-earth and hard-working individuals who excel at management. They join groups, such as churches, service organizations, and political parties. While we may not tend to think of Guardians as creative, they show tremendous resourcefulness in creating new iterations of long-standing traditions.

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For example, a Guardian might plan and execute a Veterans Day honor event, a law enforcement awards dinner, a Rotary or Lions Club meeting, or a church function. Similarly, Guardians are great with financial planning and show creativity if not risk in budgeting and investing money.

ESFJ - THE PROVIDER MBTI The Myers & Briggs 16 Personality Types (Personality Test) ANIMATION

Guardians are the ones who create our tax codes, laws, and regulations. They make solid PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and reports. They manage policies and procedures and ensure that others are in compliance with them. They uphold institutions with fresh activity and purpose. It takes time and energy to reinforce conventions in new iterations. Guardians take a slow and steady approach to their lives, and they honor traditions.

They would likely prefer a realistic aesthetic when it comes to art, such as realistic paintings or plays that depict real life. These are the personality types we most likely consider imaginative, hopeful or having faith in humanity. We may be able to see how they create things, but their process is more likely to occur behind the scenes and to deal with abstract thoughts or approaches.

Idealists prefer to work with others and to help them on their journey.

They tend to be spiritual, empathetic, sensitive and intuitive beings. They prize meaningful relationships and often eschew small talk.

Learn about the four temperaments

They can be quite romantic and seek to inspire others to engage in personal growth and development. They seek their true, wise selves, and they encourage others to do the same.

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Creativity for Idealists includes writing, including books, poetry and lesson plans. For Idealists, the real world is only a starting point, so we can see how this would make them strong novelists, educators, and mediators. They demonstrate their tremendous enthusiasm for the best in human beings by generating work that helps bring out the best in self and others. They have deep feelings and enjoy conveying complex inner worlds through their art.

They write inspirational self-help books and workbooks. They enjoy collaborative art-making, such as ensemble work.