Sinister Presence

Sinister Presence
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Written superbly and definitely a book that I will read again and again! Genre: Horror. Ghost Song Mark L'Estrange. Maternal instincts and emotions are VERY protective. When protecting anyone who needs obvious protection i. Small children, the elderly, those who can not tell who could harm them I would have to say that we become extremely watchful.

When we do that, we also seem to start assuming that just about anyone could be "the bad guy". We become attached to the one needing us, and our instincts tell us to protect against ALL.

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Thank you. Oglegen 6 stories 61 posts. Thanks Whitebuffalo and Karyn for your comments. Whitebuffalo -Thanks for your comments about it - what you said was definitely what I needed; a different "take" on the whole thing. It's sometimes difficult to get out of the subjective mindset. The fact that "he" might have suffered an illness in there rang very true, intuitively for me.

I agree with you about the entity being "bound" to a certain area. How would someone have done that in the past with him?

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What is the binding process? It was very obvious to me how far he could go - he could come out of the door, but only go a few paces down the hall and then that was where he could only stand and watch. In terms of the entity being "bound" to me as well, I must admit I get a similar oppressive feeling of his "style" of oppression whenever my maternal drive comes out. Do you think this is the nature of the maternal drive?

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To see everything as a predator? Or do you think it is something to do with him? Karyn - I go back to the house to visit my parents 5 times a year or so. My mother is now scared of the room because as I got older and started maturely articulating my experiences in there, instead of my parents STILL being able to put it down to separation anxiety, she started talking openly about her own experiences with the room as well. My father goes in and out often and rubbishes our feelings about the place. Hello Oglegen, It is my opinion that he is connected to you as no one else could or would sense him.

I find it interesting that he had boundaries. The boundaries seem to imply that at some point someone else knew of his existence and bound him to that area.

Most generally a ghost or spirit move about freely, from one point or another and do not appear to have any space that is "off limits", but this one had a clearly defined line it could not cross. For some reason, I feel as if he was someone who was a strong physical presence in his lifetime. Maybe "ruler of his domain" is a more appropriate term.

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Women had their place, and men were accepted. Perhaps this was his bedroom and he was bound there by something purely physical an illness that kept him bed fast, or locked in the room. Early on, certain characteristics of people were thought to be evil, and their families locked them away either out of shame or to keep themselves, or the one afflicted, safe.

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The hornets are interesting. Early beliefs claimed bees and hornets are in the family of bees were heaven-sent. Because of their ability to find their way home over great distances, the bee and hornet came to represent the soul. It stood for sexuality and chastity, as well as fertility and care, and there are many stories of small children being protected by bees.

With that said, you said that "When I left home, it gradually stopped Karyn 1 stories 63 posts. This story really was well written. I bet you are glad to no longer be living there. Especially when a teenager is involved.

Do you still visit, are there still family living in the home? I wouldn't atempt to advise you on how to approach the matter as I've got very little experience with and knowledge of the paranormal but I'd follow Flutter's advice if I were you. I'm sorry about what you've been through all these years and I agree with you, it takes courage to go back there;childhood experiences leave a powerful imprint in our minds. The house is one of two houses that were connected to a big manor house a little bit down the road.

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So you want to know where all the Sinister Presences are (all 16) for the "Dreams of War" achievement and so that you can get access to the &. › guide-sinister-presence-locations.

In there the workers used to store and prepare food and materials for the people in the manor house. There are no stories of death connected to the place, but I suppose going back to the 17th century that gives a lot of time for something to happen that might not necessarily be remembered or accounted for. I had a dream of the same man recently and I asked who he was. I heard the name "Jack Horner" and when I thought about it I remembered that the poem goes something like "Jack Horner in the corner Thanks for your advice Flutterofwings, I am trying to build up the courage to go back and sage the place.

Flutterofwings 13 stories posts. Evil entities can come in any form, to haunt one or a home and everyone in it. Do you know the history of the home this occured in? Was it always a home to live in, or something else?.

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Since your Mother felt it while nurisng you when you were young, then the entity had been there for a long time. Probably came with the house. Evil entities feed off emotions of fear, it gets stronger and the person with the fear gets weaker. Placing crosses in each room sometimes help, or saging a home can help rid spirts that are evil. I would look first into the history of this place and see, if you can find out if anyone died in it, by natural or unnatural causes.