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Publisher advisory: This book contains scenes of graphic bullying and sexual abuse not between the romantic couple. Written with all the exuberant and dramatic emotional makeup of its young adult audience, the third installment to the Surviving Elite High series found me immersed in the life of James Gordon, the young tutee of John Ames, the lead character in the previous books.

Sixteen-year-old James is a bundle of anxious energy. His single bright spot is the inspiration he finds in the loving relationship between his tutor, John, and football jock, Nick Wild Hawk. How did John do it? How did he find a cool, blistering-hot jock to come out for him? What follows is a tumble of surprising and catastrophic events, fraught with the turbulent emotion of a hormone-ridden teen, as in trying to win his jock, James learns a slew of lessons…under the worst possible circumstances.

As with the previous book, once I adjusted to the quick-change emotional makeup that is at the heart of teen angst, I enjoyed this dashing dip into the life of young James as he struggles to find a way out of the fire he has unwittingly jumped into. Oh God, was I ever this dumb? This book has been purchased by the reviewer.

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Shifter King Montgomery Beck has been doing his duty to the high council for the last twenty-five years as he waits to claim his mate. Killian Marks is a third-generation hitman. After hunting monsters for over twenty years, he lives under no illusions of happily ever afters and fairy tales.

But I find it hard to believe in comparison to the way I feel contemporary young adult stories should be. I mean, how many seventeen-year-olds live together as a couple, supporting one another, without any sort of parental supervision? How many schools would allow that? So whereas, when I focus on the plot, I really like the story, the details have left me scratching my head. And the melodrama continues in the lives of John and Nick.

Again the story is young adult focused, but even in young adult stories — as melodramatic and angsty as they tend to be — I still like some level of believability. The conflicts are not all unbelievable, which I do appreciate, but some are way over the top.

Loving James

And the final conflict was really just overkill. I truly love you. I found myself liking John and Nick even more this story than the last. They face several attacks against their relationship in this book. John is more likable than he was in the previous installment. He is not perfect, but what seventeen-year old is? And, Nick…well, I loved Nick in the first story — overcoming odds to take what he wanted. And I liked him again in this story. He knows who and what he is and refuses to be swayed.

I wavered on the rating for this story. On one hand, I like these characters and the story is decent if not entirely believable. But on the other hand, the believability is just not there and the melodrama is over the top. For me, the decision came down to the final conflict which was just too much, way too over the top.

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Loving James book. Read 24 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Surviving a normal high school is hard enough. Surviving Elite High? C.. . Surviving a normal high school is hard enough. Surviving Elite High? Close to impossible! Not until you learn the difference between love and obsession.

Feb 28, Thomaidha Papa rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , melodrama , contemporary , m-m , romance. They may not have gone site-seeing and vacationing around the world and on merry beaches, but they were together, living as a couple and working hard to maintain that level of freedom they so hardly won the previous year. And now time came again for the happy couple to return back to school for their final year. No more bullies, no more terror, no more tears caused by monsters lurking in the shadows. Or so they thought… Things became clear on their very first day that they were not to have the easy, happy final year they imagined.

Little did they know the magnitude of their horrors? The plot was realistic enough, albeit a bit extravagant, that won me over. However I expected the sequel a bit different.

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I expected our heroes to have changed, matured perhaps. His maturity was glaring and his love and commitment to their relationship astonishing even if a bit surreal. But John, damn it, I thought that kid would be done with the crying this time. I felt a little let down by his instability in his relationship with Nick. While he constantly repeated himself that Nick is his one true love, his only one man and his rock and comfort till the end of time etc. His emotions and reactions were similar to a leaf in a winter-storm that has no power or control over itself, only goes where the wind blows.

In my eyes he was not a solid character in this book, because everything he did came to opposition with his academic brightness. While I excused many things for that character on the first book due to the fear factor that his life was constantly in, I cannot excuse him in the sequel. His love for Nick should have been more solid and not so easily challenged. Moving on there were many things plot wise that did not add to my satisfaction.

Emily, while a psychotic should have not been allowed so much. Logically the first time the threats started and with the background of the previous year, the guys should immediately have contacted the police. It would have been the most logical thing to do, yet they again jumped to conclusions and took matters in their own hands. The plot felt like going round and round in circles what with so many scenes of bad things happening followed closely with a short dose of happiness and then over again, with each scene not properly developed and leaving questions to be answered.

What was more disturbing was the rape scene and how incomplete the during and the after of that was emotion-wise. It seemed as if John recovered extremely well and fairly quick from that.


The end of the book however was quite satisfactory and made up for a lot putting an end to lots of questions in regard to our beloved pair. Looking the overall work and keeping in mind the over-exuberant and melodramatic streak of the Saga I quite enjoyed it. Mar 03, Scarlett rated it it was amazing.

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There hasn't been too drastic changes from the first one to this one but there is still the feeling of everything has been shifting since book one, especially the way kids on the school perceives the LGTB community and coping up with the school shooting. All is well, until there is a trouble in paradise. People would probably cringed w [Contains spoilers, lotsa spoilers because how do you review without spoilers? People would probably cringed with this but I liked that the story didn't go too much like a high-school drama for me.


That the author gave more back story and personality to Emily as well as eventually Matthew. It's no walk in the park, whatever happened a couple of freaking times between John and Nick but maybe that's why I love them both as fictional characters-they're not too much of a fiction.

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John leads us to his everyday life of consistent observation and consciousness while Nick give us just pure Heh. It's also funny that people underestimated him but I saw him as a guy who actually take proper action at certain time, not like any asshole-jock-gay-turned-nice-boyfriend characters I have encountered. For example, the moment where John was basically screaming at him to stay away from Emily and he held it off as long as he can for a hope that he can still have his old friend and the love of his life, get together. But when he knew the moment will never come, he promised to stay away even before he really saw Emily for what real trouble she is.

The let me talk about the part where John got rapped. It was no joke, and you can feel that as you read it and it was quite sick because you can't really write rape without people feeling sick. But then, you see a human in John, on how getting raped is not the reason to give up. To turn it around and survive. Do not let me start on Matthew as a victim tho.

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How do series work? Mar 03, Scarlett rated it it was amazing. Surviving Elite High 5 books. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Jim Jones. His short raven hair pointed out in all directions and his deep blue eyes shone brighter than the stars above. John and Nick, they go through hell in this book and something that I admire about those two, is that they survived all that, they survived many bad things that happened to them in this book and there were quite a few 'close to break-up forever' moments, but they even survived that and this shows how those two love each other, yeah they have just 18 years, but for me they look more mature and what they survived and they are still standing after that They take him and introduce him to their family and friends.

I can't handle thinking he got this same abuse with his own father. Now let me get started on Nick and John on being fathers and married right off high-school. One, I don't actually see why not. Nick and John practically worked their asses off to get to live independently and solve their problems that most mature people can't even do. Getting married?

I'm actually happy in their universe, gay marriage is available in their state.

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I only know few, so and again, I didn't find it questionable about them wanted it to tie it already. Overall, it's an epic coming-out love story. It's refreshing and deadly because, wow, the feelings it brings. There is no moment you'll be bored out of your seat. I recommend this to all high-school drama fans, even suspense-genre fans! Juan Alvarado really deserves every bit of recognition for his work. View all 7 comments. Many things happens in this book and everything is really stressful and I am telling you, you will cry and smile and laugh and be happy and be sad and be angry and want to kill someone and you will have those 'awww' moments at the end and so many more feelings.

Book is really full of everything and I loved it because of that, I really couldn't put it down, I just couldn't wait much more to see what happens, that's why I've read first two books in less than 12 hours. John and Nick, they go through hell in this book and something that I admire about those two, is that they survived all that, they survived many bad things that happened to them in this book and there were quite a few 'close to break-up forever' moments, but they even survived that and this shows how those two love each other, yeah they have just 18 years, but for me they look more mature and what they survived and they are still standing after that Their love after all that they survived is stronger than ever and I'm still all 'happy' for them because they got that 'happily ever afer' that they deserved and I think I will not forget this book for a couple of days or maybe a whole month, because it was that good I especially won't forget that special thing that happened at the Prom and then Epilouge There's still left third book Loving James in this series, but that one is about Jacob and James, I will read their story soon!

AUTHOR : John you did an amazing job with this series, I will never forget those two characters and their story and I am sure going to look out for new stuff from you! Apr 15, Honey rated it did not like it Shelves: beyond-ridiculous , doubts-and-or-misunderstandings , drama-galore , frazy-as-cuck , not-my-cup-of-tea.